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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tracker headed to 5:08. expect more hail. get the cars in the garage, carport and throw a cloth over them. that's your best bet. headed to 5:30 and 5:35 this storm right here headed off to the south and east and zooming out to the south west a warning on this storm out towards cull pepper and this goes until 5:30 headed towards madison and is going to go through fredricksburg in the half an hour with high wind and small hail. mr. bernstein is out in storm tracker 9. what's your latest sir? >> well we are checking on a house apparently a tree fell down into a house on ham lin road in walton team dortch. hit
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damage according to the fire department here. i think we've got a picture that jeff tweeted a a little while ago. a lot of smoke coming out and all sorts of reports of severe weather that came through the charles county area and wanted to show you the pictures coming back to the weather storm tracker 9. on the computer here this is a picture from hughsville. i believe it's gallant drive there the very high water coming over that road. hail reported to half dollar size. this is one and three quarter inches from kim berry in waldorf and a different look from there. the storms rolled through here looking down the other side of the street one more shot from our roof cam going back towards the situation where the fire has been knocked down with the charles county fire department and some of the other area fire departments assisting here
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hamlin road. so for the moment at least things are settling down here but the storms may not be done. i'm howard bernstein, back to you. >> i think you are right these storms off to the north and west will traverse across 95 the river and hit into part of charles county. we mentioned yesterday that southern maryland would be the last to clear with these storms. this is the latest image storms around leesburg, aldi and frederick and haggers town and martins burg. no shortage of storm reports, trees down and hail. they are pretty much evenly scattered across the metro area. this one just to the north of us around barnsville road and friendship trees and wires down that occurred quite some time ago about 1:00 following storms. down to the south this is a pretty heavy duty hail
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wood not too far from almost two inches in diameter. maybe three inch to the northwest of aldi once again. waldorf flooding andy appreciate that and good hail from david in aldi maryland- -virginia actually and you are probably going to see more hail once again later on today. that's about marble size or bigger. severe thunderstorm watch covered the entire metro area until 9:00. warnings off to the north and west and tweet us your pictures and download the app and the warning as well. >> thanks. to howard county now looking at a tree on top of a house. we are not exactly sure where this is in howard county but looking at a list of road obey instructions in the county from an hour or so ago and 16 reports of problems with trees down in various locations ss
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this is the hallmark and report of with power you can see what some of the damage looks like in the county and of course we are following this throughout the area and throughout the night. >> absolutely. this rain is coming down really hard in the coalsville area of montgomery county the flashing through the streets on a dark afternoon. these scenes repeated throughout the area. social media flooded with pictures. >> and you brought the weather with you. got a look at what people are sharing tonight. >> we received a bunch of pictures of the heavy rain and hail at it's peak. let's check out what viewers sent us on social media. sierra says this is video of the hail that was coming down in waldorf around 5:30 and you can see it right here bouncing off the lawn. kerri compares it to a dime the
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her house. today i'm thankful my favorite horses and people are safe despite a tornado ripping apart our indoor barn and some of the trestles came apart. there was no tornado in the area it was just really heavy wind there. the fire department thank you for tweeting this out weather around college park with heavy clouds right there. the down pour in northwest and one quick one to show you from elizabeth hank. this is the elevator raining in the ray burn house office building at the us capital. so please keep those pictures and video coming. you can tag us on facebook twitter or instagram using wusa 9. back to you. >> thanks. breaking news out of northern virginia where a jury has give castillo life plus 15 years for killing
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trying to make it look like a suicide back in 2014. peggy fox has reaction from there. >> a group of michelle castillo's friends have been coming every day through this long five week trial. today they are relieved that her killer will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> i know she's doing the woohoo right now looking down. >> there are no winners here. and we are grateful. >> the jury found him yesterday guilty of murdering his wife breaking into her house and violating the protective order. he beat her strangled her and hung up her body in the basement shower to make it look like a suicide. >> the jury convicted him beyond a reasonable doubt. there's a conviction here and he needs to repent and that would be our prayer for his heart and soul. hi
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this, gave it thought and decided that he was going to try and cover it up and make it seem like it was something that it wasn't and make it seem that it was a suicide when it clearly wasn't and to me it speaks of the cold heartedness. >> they had been going through a brutal divorce and custody hearing. >> he wanted the children. he wanted the money. he wanted the girlfriend and he wanted the house and he wasn't going to let her ha it. the most obvious tragedy is for these children who lost everything. >> michelle was a bright light and first and foremost in her life was her faith in jesus christ. >> a close friend of michelle castillo stephanie meeker took the stand today raising her four youngest children. she told the jury in her victim impact statement that they pray to god their father will be sorry for what he did. they are living with the realization that the man they ke
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man who murdered heir mother. in lees burg peggy fox wusa 9. let's furnish now to--turn now to prince georges county someone tried to snatch a child out of an unlocked window in fair mont heights. they are looking for clues. this attempted abduction happened around 3: 45 at a home on el street. after the victim yelled the suspect ran away. the child was not hurt. investigators have given us this description of the suspect. black male 6 feet tall 300- pounds. if you know anything about this case call prince georges county police. and a mystery tonight in montgomery county. why did an fda researcher veer off randolph road and into a tree. could she have been driven off the road to her death on friday from crashing into a pole a minute later and could it have anything to do with a robb
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live in silver springs tonight with more questions than answers, bruce? >> leslie, definitely a strange one. police say when that black suv crashed into this utility pole here at least two of the passengers got out and took off running. now the driver stuck around but they say he has been less than helpful with the police. police are convinced that other folks saw those two cars together. they are definitely hearing from those witnesses. >> big huge crash, loud noise. >> the first crash so horrific it broke into pieces. the 71-year-old research bile gist dead at the scene neighbors shot it could happen. early friday morning while thousands of other people were just trying to get to work. >> he woman down
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car was wrapped around the tree. it was unrecognizable. >> just a minute later in a few blocks away the black suv crashed into a utility pole. police now all but convinced the crashes are connected but they are still speaking in riddles. >> at some point both vehicles occupied the same space and time and the movement of one vehicle influenced the movement of another vehicle. we can't quantify what that meant or what caused it but both influenced each other's travel at that point. >> detained at the scene was the 20-year-old driver who had been in another crash in the suv two days earlier and police are asking witnesses to try and remember if they saw that mercury mountaineer with a blown out back window. then there's the robbery seven hours earlier on wheaton lane a few miles away.
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men who held him up at gunpoint also arrived in a black suv. >> now police say both that robbery victim from earlier in the evening and hitchins are asian and that may actually be important. could victoria hitchins have been fleeing attempted robbery one of many things that police are trying to figure out. wusa 9. >> let's hope they figure it out soon bruce thank you. the driver of the suv has been cited for running his suv into a mcdonalds earlier in the week but no charges connected with the crashes. we are just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5. commuters get creative with dealing with the safety urge. >> hilary clinton takes shots at donald trump's ability to run
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trump hits back. warnings are being continued on both sides of the river. this is a heavy storm into fairfax county. we've got a severe thunderstorm warning which covered prince william until 5:45. we'll come back and tell you when the threat will be over and look ahead to a possible another
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mission metro right now commuters are getting creative. the travel track is blocked part of metro's major make over to show us the new way around it. >> this is what's happening. those coming in on the orange blue and silver lines stop at benning road and minnesota avenue. it's blocked all the way to
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eastern market. they are getting off from places like new carrollton and driving all the way around to green belt. >> the green line is the new orange line for pat. she would catch the train from new carrollton. now she's hitting the highway early and getting on in greeneville. >> it's the best the for me because i live in annapolis. >> metro just released new video of the track work cutting off the orange and silver line. metro says the warnings were heard. green belt has seen a 34% spike in riders at neighboring college park 20%. >> the parking lot is full and has been for the past two days. >> parking is now a hot commodity at other green line stations. here prince georges county says open spots have dwindled to only 50. >> a lot of people are fed up with it and i heard several people get in my car and do it. >> pat savage says she will keep coming to
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the only other alternative. >> uber or the green line. >> the orange and silver lines in prince georges county have taken a big hit. metro says overall ridership there is down 74%. the shut down ends july 3. bruce? >> now to the campaign trail where hilary clinton is going after donald trump on the economy in a speech today in the battle ground state of ohio the presumptive democratic nominee claimed the billionaire businessman is unfit to lead the economy if unhe rs the country like he runs his casinos. >> trump would throw us back into recession. he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> hilary clinton is only right about one thing. i understand debt and how to handle it. i made a fortune with debt but debt for this country is a disaster and obama has piled it on and she's been there watching. >> donald trump was responding on ins
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an eight point lead in florida. the small lead in ohio has all but disappeared and pennsylvania is too close to call right now. here we go again. we've got hail. we've got--these are multiple trees down in a neighborhood. chris can you tell me where this is? we are looking--between glen elk and west friendship so again this is in howard county. we showed you pictures earlier toppled trees and how this has been an issue for the county today. >> it has especially upper howard county south of i-70. woodbine. that's heavy duty clean up there. >> seemed like a quit hitting storm too is that right? >> it moved to 35. trouble is there is more behind us. welcome to summer. >> hello. >>lo
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doppler indicated for howard county earlier into baltimore county but nothing became of that just high winds. >> and a lot of hail. >> glad you mentioned that. good transition. a picture of hail here as big as golf balls not as record setting as last week in the upperville area but nothing to sneeze at. still if you are in the path of storms get the car inside. that's a waldorf and we appreciate that. that's a quarter and they are bigger than a quarter. that'll do some damage. nothing crazy like last week but still pretty impressive. here are the severe thunderstorm warnings in bright yellow much of louden county and upper montgomery and frederick and back into portions of fairfax county where the storms are now. the front that's creating these storms is moving south but it's stalled right now so that's a good thing where we see the second line of ms
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much of montgomery county, prince georges county, howard county and flooding into the hainan doa. storms are going to produce flash flooding and if you come across a flooded street do not try to cross it by car or by foot. live look at the weather cam. 73 right now winds are calm. pressure falling as you might expect. here's your radar over the past hour and look at these monthser storms developing one south of haggers town moving to frederick. another through lees burg into fairfax county and a third towards cullpepper and moving off to the south and east. some of you have already had severe weather and may get hit again with a second round. severe thunderstorm warnings here now until 6:00 for carol and frederick county and montgomery county and severe for frederick and jefferson and louden and washington county until 5:45. all the way into upper fairfax severe thunderm
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effect. this essentially is a line that will move through fairfax shortly in the next few minutes now into old town at 6:08 in d.c. at about 5:33. down to the south and west can't forget this storm around cullpepper frequent lightning heavy rain a warning on this moving out to the south headed towards brock road. storm tracker at 5:40 and will effect the commute in and around fredricksburg in the next 35 minutes at 5:56 and again at 6:01. so weather headlines severe thunderstorm watch until 9. we are looking at the heaviest activity south of town the next few hours. yellow weather alert tonight. good news tonight. break tomorrow, pleasantly warm before another yellow weather alert is required on thursday. but a nice day to catch our breath on a wednesday. 70s to start, 85 at 1:00. a few clouds coming in. thursday more storms. round one could
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quicken loans in good shape. mid 80s upper 80s. a few storms possible. high temperatures upper 80s. deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history but still not enough to get the senate to pass new gun control laws. republicans defeated proposals to keep weapons out of the hands of suspected terrorists. one of the biggest backers of the reform was port find by the votes but not surprised. bill nelson will have to tell the grieving families in orlando that the nra won again. code pink activists staged a protest outside the nra building in response to the senate's inaction on gun control. the cousin of an orlando prooting victim was among the otestors. 18 people in all were arrested for blocking the entrance to the building. some of the demonstrators laid down in chalk out lines to represent victims of the gun vice
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orlando massacre. turning now to the investigation into the nightclub massacre in florida. >> attorney general loretta lynch traveled to meet with survivors and victims families and that meeting was closed to the public but lynch did visit a memorial to the 49 people who were killed in the rampage. she also met with investigators trying to piece together all of the angles of this horrible tragedy. >> i cannot tell you we will ever narrow it down to one motivation. people act out of more than one. this was clearly an act of terror and an act of hate. >> orlando opened the streets today in front of the pulse nightclub. several people came to the site to pay their respects to the victims. >> coming up which fast food chain gets the highest marks from you and starbucks one of them being called out for not filling up it's cup. i'll tell you more in
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in our consumer alert rising oil prices equals higher gas prices and aaa says they
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because gas prices hit their highest point in the first six months of the year. the national average has been falling for about a week. they do one thing and they do it well, chicken and that's why chick-fil-a is the number one in a new american survey. sales for the fast food chain hit $6 billion last year 48 straight years of growth. no more robo calls connecting to your mobile phone. rolling out a new app to block those annoying calls to your android or apple device. it's free for two weeks and then a $5 monthly fee. motion dismissed the judge ruled the starbucks class action lawsuit can proceed. intentionally under filling the beverages by 25%. we should also tell you starbucks also faces another lawsuit that allegedly puts too much ice
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straight ahead on wusa 9 at 5 a karate teacher arrested for trying to have sex with her 11- year-old student. hundreds of people could be without power for days after a fire in arlington. >> and back on the other side of the break with the latest on of the break with the latest on ♪ ♪
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weather alert day. >> chief meteorologist topper in the weather center. what are you seeing? >> giving you an update on the warnings for much of our suburbs including frederick and howard county until 6: 00 and prince william moving across the beltway and old town getting ready for heavy rain and small hail. this is a monster storm in terms of lightning moving essentially down the west side of 270 southeast at 30. this is on the east side of 270 prompting a warning as well on montgomery county on the east side around sunshine that's going to push off into howard county once again. you folks got hit hard and may get hit a second time. we'll come back and talk about when the threat will end and
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another day this week where you have to go through this again. thousands of your neighbors are without power right now following today's storms. here's the latest we've got more than 5,000 customers in prince georges county are without electricity. some 8400 dominion customers in northern virginia. 1700 customers are without power along with 900 customers. hundreds of people could be without power for days after a transformer caught on fire at peculiaren don market common. you are looking at video of the after math at the corner of people who live in the apartment and woke up to thick black smoke blowing past their windows. >> the area shut down is just off children don boulevard back to the barnes and noble where the fire st
5:32 pm
fire department busy for hours as people who live above dealt with their own frustrations. >> in the middle of blow drying my hair so i thought i tripped a breaker in the apartment. >> they realized it wasn't just their apartment. >> ten minutes later the fire alarm started to go off. >> and i look out my window and see plumes of black smoke. >> john grabbed his computer and went outside and watched firefighters from arlington and the airport to keep the fire under control and spent the rest of the afternoon at market common trying to figure out what triggered the fire. >> i hope this doesn't take long. >> but jackie hart's apartment management told her days. >> i have friends who live in the area. their apartments all don't have power either so i think we are going to be without power for a couple of days. >> certainly not going to be my typical schedule but i'll have to adapt. >> dominion power backed up
5:33 pm
worries the same power for the apartment complex will get back up and running for the shops below it. >> it certainly was not an average start to the morning. >> as far as when power will be restored for the apartment complex it could be three days to a week reporting in arlington ellen brian wusa 9. >> but most of the stores on the streets that surround the transformer fire area do now have power restored. we have new pictures of a creepy incident surveillance photos show a man who may have assaulted an 11-year-old girl at the target in the mosaic district. she told the father the man touched her on her behind on saturday. security video showed the suspect leaving the target parking lot in a burgundy ford mustang. take a good look at those pictures. we are waiting to hear
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rabbi secretly videoed nude women in a bathroom. his six and a half year sentence is illegal prosecutors say he filmed 150 women using secret recording devices as they undressed in a changing room for those. it could be weeks or months before the court issues it's decision. investigators trying to determine tonight the cause of a fire that destroyed a barn in fairfax county. firefighters were called to the scene in fairfax station just after 3: 30 this morning. fire officials say this is the second time in a week that they were called to the barn. they were able to contain a roof fire last tuesday. that barn is being used for storage. a karate teacher is out on bail tonight after being arrested for soliciting an 11- year-old boy for sex. the 20-year-old taught the child at an orlando studio. the boy's mom found racy text messages including photos and videos
5:35 pm
the kick messaging app. michael phelps has completed probation for his drunken driving conviction. he pleaded guilty in 2014 to driving under the influence. police pulled him over after he left the horse shoe casino in baltimore for speeding and crossing the double yellow line. his blood alcohol level was a .14. new rules on drone flights released today the federal aviation administration will allow commercial drones widing 55-pounds to fly during daylight hours up to 400 feet in the air. night flight if they have flight. drone operators have to be certified every two years. trending right now michelle on opens a snap chat account. >> and why
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woman: i have a masurprise for you.are you? man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough.
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♪ stand by me.
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let's get to what's trending tonight. actress selma blair had to be removed from a plane by stretcher after erratic
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la she started crying and saying he burns my private parts, he won't let me eat or drink. the pilot radios that very same information. medical crews removed her from the plane after landing in l.a. first lady michelle obama has her own snap chat account. you can follow the first lady from behind the scenes snap d.c. and over seas and letting girls learn trip to liberia, more yack o and spain. a good chance social media is filled with people mugging for the camera more than usual today. >> it's national selfie day a day we set aside each year to pay special attention to ourself. just one day? >> just one day. >> it's the most popular hashtag in the d.c. area and across the country. feel free to tag us with your
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people died in selfie related accidented last year than shark attacks. >> the dog took a selfie. there's a different story we need to be telling. >> some of the world's top golfers have arrived for the quicken loans national tournament. we go live for a report. >> and d.c. taxicabs under investigation for not picking up blind passengers. new developments after a series of wusa 9 reports. >> the latest on the storms moving
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right now checking out tweets from the campaign trail from donald trump hillary defrauded america as secretary of state and used it as a hedge fund to get herself rich. corrupt, dishonest. and hilary clinton says we need to build an economy to make sure no one gets left behind. now to a story you'll only see on wusa 9. four d.c. companies have agreed to how they treat customers. >> this is a follow up to an investigation we first brought
5:44 pm
>> that's right at the time many taxicab drivers were passing up blind customers with service dogs. it was a situation that embarrassed many people who are visually impaired but the blind changed. >> when it comes to catching the cab in d.c. race, gender and disability should not come into play but found that was far from the case. our cameras capture video of taxis ignoring blind customers with their service dogs even when there are no other customers in site. >> the original under cover investigation help to highlight this. >> eric bridges the director of the council of the blind called it frustrating but recently made headway to put an end. >> there is a positive outcome to all of this. >> it settled with
5:45 pm
companies that planned to sue. yellow cab, grand cab, elite cab and pleasant taxicab. as part of the settlement they agreed to non discrimination policies. most of the companies drivers will not be required to stop for customers who also have a dog that way a visually impaired customer cannot be passed up who may assume their dog is not a service animal. >> it's very hard as someone who can't see to prove when an act of discrimination is taking place. >> on top of that bridges said the d.c. taxicab commission will offer disability sensitivity training and learn what protection service animals have under the law. >> those are all important aspects. >> leslie bridges added that the american council of the mind will also eventually get out and monitor taxi drivers while they are at work to see if they are complying with the
5:46 pm
trust fund to help pay for that monitoring system. >> thank you so much john and we also reached out to the four taxi companies that agreed to this idea and are still waiting to hear back from them. the first full day of summer begins with more triple digit heat and wild fires in the west two separate wild fires merged into a massive. on the grounds the united states forest service has california's drought and weather created burning conditions that are more typical for august. and now we talk about rain here and hail. >> not as bad as we do not. let's show you this picture. this is a pretty impressive over a quarter size and this came to us from the waldorf area and that was just the storm about an hour and a half
5:47 pm
there's now another storm on your door step if you will. okay severe thunderstorm watch covers everybody until 9:00 and these are the warnings notch in fairfax county and upper montgomery county, portions of howard county and winchester and frederick county virginia. those are the warnings. the watch goes until 9:00 p.m. and so far they have not trimmed it back. as the front drops south they will trim it back but right now the stationary front not a good thing. flood warnings for most allowed counties and going home tonight coming across a flooded street just don't cross it by car or by foot. still 74. a look at the dew point 70 and uncomfortable winds east southeast at about 5. here's the radar. another batch of storms develop to the north. haggers town and winchester this is a monster storm pushing through the entire county of fairfax headed downtown into the old town
5:48 pm
so we have severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. flood warnings in effect. a severe thunderstorm warning for howard county and montgomery county until 6:00 and severe thunderstorm warnings from clark and jefferson county west virginia until 6:30. this is the storm we'll focus on. a lot of lightning, heavy down pours with this and getting hammered i-66 i would wait until the storm passes and down 95 i wait until the storm passes. this is going to head into southern prince georges county and northern charles county. guess who is there. mr. bernstein in ssst9 as we like to call it. what you got? >> we are right on 301 in waldorf. we do expect the storm to roll towards us. let me show you the dash cam dark up ahead to the north but as i go to our roof cam that point and more towards the west and northwest and move that around for you certainly see when you look
5:49 pm
structure and darkness there the leading edge of the second storm that's cutting earlier we had golf ball to half dollar sized hail reported. even a house fire at 6:00 but it's been an active afternoon and now anticipating what could be a second line of storms and flooding in the hughsville area so a lot is coming up here as we head towards the 6:00 hour and back with more from southern maryland from storm tracker 9 in just a few minutes. topper? >> okay thank you. just brought me this three inch hail and we'll have a photo in just a bit. this is the one that's going to hammer howard in the next half hour. towards the airport right now and dunkirk on the storm tracker at 6:22 moving southeast at 30. to the north we go clarks burg getting hit right now at about 5:56 another ten minutes or so
5:50 pm
pretty big storm. buckies town in frederick already getting hit with rainfall rates over an inch per hour. speaking of hail an investigation this moved over and at one point back towards bankruptcy wick and had hail about 1.3-inches so this is certainly going to be severe and we just got confirmation the hail is to the east but when this went over now we have reports of three inch hail. that's pretty serious. that's getting up to where we were last thursday. okay so severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. heaviest storms south of town through the early nighttime hours. yellow weather alert tonight cancel that when need be and a nice break tomorrow and pleasantly warm. really a nice break. day planner 70s to start. maybe a few clouds by afternoon, 84. all in all a pretty nice wednesday. round one at quicken loans thunderstorm could be in jeopardy mid
5:51 pm
and isolated storms saturday and sunday. mid to upper 80s then. back in town wednesday and thursday--monday and tuesday a few storms possible highs in the upper 80s. and just like the rain quicken loans week is here and the players have arrived. >> that's right our christopher and frank are at the country club to begin our coverage. hey guys. >> hey guys yeah it's a good thing today we did a practice round. i don't know if you can see or hear this rain behind us but it is coming down right notch here at congressional course. practice day today, pro-am tomorrow and it all kicks off on thursday. the field this year for the 10 10th anniversary both fields 120 golfers headlines by ricky fowler ranked 6th in the world. >> if you remember he used to wear those bright or
5:52 pm
in his late 20s he's mellowed back and really focused on getting a championship something he's really been struggling as of late and not made a cut since early may. he was the runner up at quicken loans a year ago and ngtryi to use this week to find his golf game form. >> love the look of it and obviously it's a championship golf course. i played the u.s. open here and missed the cut. but yeah i love the look and i haven't played well here so it's kind of weird. a lot of times when you like the look and love the lay out you play well but it hasn't happened yet. >> and ricky will be paired with smiley cough man and jordan spieth. a lot of great pairings. our inside pitchman with me here. last night the nats played the dodgers
5:53 pm
great opportunity for strasburg versus kershaw two pitchers with double digit wins the first time in over 100 years we saw that kind of match up. >> but unfortunately as we know with stephen strasburg, kristin, injuries have been an issue. he just signed that big time contract and came up lame, lifting before the game felt a twin in his upper back and he was shelled for that start so big anticipation for a baseball game sadly went out the window. the nationals are saying he is day-to-day and should be ready for his next start on sunday but this is something to keep an eye on moving forward for strasburg and his health. nats and dodgers back at it again tonight. highlight tonight at 6 we hear from the defending champion at quicken loans. >> the rain won't stop the show. they look great. >> you want to ask where is the water fall. great sound effects. >> good job ys
5:54 pm
suspect alluded authorities after a technician places a gps tracking device on his prosthetic leg. and compromising a plan to increase gun regulations on a narrow group. but up next a local farmer may have
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your grocery bill is so expensive here's a reason. it's the same reason that honeybees that pollinate your fruits and veggies and nuts are dying at an alarming rate but one local farmer might have found a solution. meet ed the could he owner of goeser rich farm in hedgeville west virginia. all but 4 million bees survived. that is roughly 25% better than the national average. his secret feeds his bees a healthy diet and listening to the scientists. >> if we don't have protein redly available through nature and what we feed they are going to be a weaker sickly bee. >> they need pollen and neck tar. >> caught the attention of scientists here at the usdab re
5:58 pm
and led to a bee swap. watching 80 million usda's bees this winter. >> the bees do incrediblely well under their my to suggest it's the tools of keeping bees fed and away from stress are most important for honeybee health. >> the beekeepers agree that new diseases and increased urbanizeation have contributed to the decline in bee population over the last quarter century. >> and that's why bees are so important. because there are less bees the usda says growers pay three times more than a decade ago and that is why you might have noticed a spike in your grocery bill. right now at 6. >> i'm just so hurt and i hope i can deal with this. it's really getting to me. >> a prince george's county mother learns
5:59 pm
son's killer shouldn't have been out. but first severe storms leave their mark across the d.c. region. thanks for joining us. >> heavy rain and high winds move through the area leaving plenty of damage in their wake. the latest on the severe storm threat. >> pretty high winds to the northwest of town and heavy rain in northwest d.c. here's a wide view the bright yellow severe thunderstorm warnings that means it's happening and severe thunderstorm warning into montgomery and howard county. the watch continues. severe thunderstorm watch continues until 9:00. the district, old town. almost all of fairfax county. a good chunk of louden county flooding is occurring. do not kloss a flooded street- -cross a flooded street please. a second wave of thunderstorms with the front lagging to
6:00 pm
south of haggers town north of winchester and this big storm covering up the entire district with some heavy rain and some strong gusty winds. this storm itself just went through our area. right now we don't have any high winds but very heavy rains here in northwest d.c. i just posted that on instagram and also facebook and twitter. severe thunderstorm warnings including arlington and fairfax extended and taken into charles county and southern prince georges county and severe thunderstorm warning until 6 right about now for upper montgomery county but this is a monster storm with frequent lightning covering up most of the beltway. not quite in buoy but it's going to be right into the heart of prince georges county as you head down 50 in the next 20 minutes or so as they move off to the east southeast at 35 miles


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